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Design. Food.

Growing up, I struggled through school with a learning disability. With that, I always found myself turning to art as an escape as I was constantly surrounded by art and creativity. Having a father who had artwork hanging up in the halls of the high school I went to, a mother who studied art history, painting, and photography throughout her college career, and a great-grandfather who was a well-known photographer as well as a painter in Montauk out on the East End of Long Island, creativity was innately part of me.


My parents put their art careers on pause when they got opportunities to start opening restaurants across the country. They were driven and hardworking - traits I so happily inherited. Hospitality and restaurants have been part of my everyday life, and I’ve learned the business inside and out. Combining my passion for design with the food industry, the hospitality sector gives me the best of both worlds. 

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